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Jun 15

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Monday, June 15, 2009

Cooeee, it is us, the chickens. At last you get to hear from the real workers here at Flamborough Rigg cottage B&B and the Hayloft, rather than that furry bunch.


We beautiful ladies love our life here in Stape, North Yorkshire. We just adore all the space we have to play in. All 6 of us started our lives, shall we say, in less spacious and relaxed conditions as battery chickens but were lucky enough to find our way here.


As a thank-you for this new life we show our gratitude by producing the best eggs in Yorkshire. We think that being able to wonder freely around our spacious chicken run and neighbouring Farmer Tim’s fields, chatting to the sheep and cows, helps. A generous supply of greens from the vegetable garden as a treat probably doesn’t hurt either, so keep them coming.


Our eggs are then put into the tasty breakfasts served to the B&B guests each morning. Several have joked that they need to wear sunglasses as the yolks are so bright.

Caroline uses them in fabulous cakes and guest that choose to book dinner may find them in the fresh hollandaise sauce poured over local asparagus, pastas, goats cheese tarts…….the list is never ending.


So when you next visit Flamborough Rigg Cottage or the Hayloft remember to give us, the real workers, a wave.   

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